Window Treatments Houston

We are committed to provide the best service to treat your windows for your home, business or a special project. We offer solutions for indoor or outdoor in Houston shutters solutions that can be applied to your project.



bedroom_blinds The bedroom is your private haven.

The treatment you give to your Windows add softness and privacy allowing you to express style, because dressing them is decorating using the most intimate way.

Here is where you have your private retreat, those window treatments reveal your attitude starting from privacy going up to pampering yourself. This task should be focus on being useful and very stylish. It is the peaceful resting preferred place in the house.

It should look as the softest retreat whether you’re a woman or a man. Nice to feel the sun light during the day and good protection at night time. Let them feel your touch in the environment.



window_coveringshoustonGiving the importance that this space demands, having in mind your own decorative signature style and having functional window shade, three very important requirements have to be meet: privacy, durability, and light control.

It is fundamental to have natural light, air, and openness. We have many styles that can give you different solutions, offering to be  practical with a beautiful statement and allowing to control natural light; all the care because the bathroom it’s a simple but very private area that needs to be treated accordingly.

Special design solutions for this part of the house keeping the privacy. Enjoy a fantastic relaxing time in the tub when ever yo need it, rest assure you will have that personal time just the way you always want it! with Houston shutters




The kitchen is the most difficult room iwindowcoverings_houstonn the house to decorate because it needs durable blinds that can stand possible heat and moisture but it needs to provide style and functionality.
It does not need to be expensive in order look very nice. We can offer different kinds of solutions involving fusion of current treatments, custom, or we can create your own design for this project.
The budget will be determine by the shape and style that the window has, in this way we can determine the scope for your project without forget sun light exposure and privacy.





This is the place where we share good food, good company. It is one of the precious jewels in the house for the family share quality time at the table.

Always in the search of creating nice touch that adds a relaxed and warm environment to each meal. A unique dressed table sets your style and creativity to reinvent from one occasion to the next one. Making this space in the house uniquely yours to catch the eye.





houston shutters
Here is your relaxing and socializing area where you receive your friends. You and your love ones gather here to relax, watch TV, talk, play, read and for other family activities.

Keeping good amount of natural light it is important and necessary, room to walk and time to share or just enjoying a great book!




Plantation Shutters

Commonly recognized as “the fundamental window treatment”.

Plantation shutters are commonly referred to as “the ultimate window covering”. Their adaptability makes them to play an important role in the traditional and contemporary style decorative solutions.

Their insulating, moisture resistant and light regulation features make them to be an extremely attractive experience.


We recognize the importance of little details when it comes to select the right kind of window cover for your home or business, always having in mind your ideas. This is the reason why we strive to provide as much information for you to choose the perfect type of blind that goes accordingly with your interior or exterior area. We also do special projects.

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