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Blinds are also known as a window shades. This term is also sometimes used to describe window coverings, which includes almost all types such as Roller blinds, vertical blinds, motor blinds, venetian blinds, pleated blinds, roman shades, honeycomb blinds, wooden blinds, metal blinds and horizontal standard. We have many solutions when you look for Window Treatment Houston.



These type of shades can control very well the amount of naturalblinds_houston light that passes to the room because the slats can close tightly. They have a wider strip and an extra feature that allows pulling a cord to stack the slats together to either side or in the center to separate and stack on each end. This allows vertical blind slats to rotate using a shaft in the upper head rail running through an independent geared doing an individual rotation of each slat in synchrony.

Horizontal blinds use a thin woven ladder system to suspend the slats allowing them to close. A lift cord allows the blind be uprooted and stack firmly to the top when desired. A blind limits observation and thus the observer to view. The main types are slat blinds that open two ways and the solid blinds. These ones can only be raised or lowered and they are also known as shades.There are types of shutters such as blinds Holland and woven wood blinds that have small spaces between the slats. Pleated shades have no spaces because the slats are sewn inside the fabric. They can be handled manually by a cord or automatically through a motor.





One of the main features that motorized blinds have is that you can control them using a wall switch or keypad, a remote control, or a personal computer.

You can completely raised or lower them according to your needs. This type of shades are excellent if you have a hard reach windows, ideal to protect your children and pets or if you have an area in your home or business where frequently raising and lowering them becomes a hard or continues job to do.

A very good resource to control the operation in order to reduce heat loss in the winter or effects of heat in summer time. The market is changing constantly and we have to keep up with it constantly updating Window Treatments solutions in Houston, always thinking about providing the best quality of Shades to please our customers and provide solutions for their projects.




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The Venetian blind has horizontal slats. The material used to made this blind is mainly metal or plastic, the slats can be also wooden or bamboo.

The rotation can reach almost 180 degrees. The slats can be rotated with one side facing the interior and then in the opposite direction such that they overlap with the other side looking inwards. There also lift cables passing through openings in each strip. A modern variation of the lift cords are combined with rotation cables into the slots at the two edges of each slat. This prevents the slots required to otherwise allow a slat to rotate despite a lift cord passing through it, thereby decreasing the amount of light passing through a shutter closed. Taking care of all these details make a optimum treatments for your Window in Houston.





Made of a fabric shades pleated, when pulls up, it can sit flat on top of the window to hide from view when opened. Honeycomb pleated blinds, cellular blinds or similar to except pleated blinds are formed by two or more layers together in folds to form compartments ‘cell’ that trap air, which provides insulation. Due to its cellular construction, cellular shades is known as a conscious energy of the blinds higher energy efficiency and sound absorbing, that makes a great window solution treatments for Houston’s characteristics. For further isolation, cellular shades are available in a variety of cell sizes, including 3/8 “of individual cells, 3/4” single cells, 3/8 “double cell and even triple cell. Lots more cells, the greater the energy efficiency. These shades are made from a pleated fabric texture to the room, pull up to sit flat at the top of a window to hide from sight when open. This kind f blinds can be motorized. Those can be considered a solution as a safety option for our children and/or pets in Blinds Houston.


Faux Wood Blinds


These blinds provide the best of both worlds!

They look like real wood blinds with the difference that the price is between 15 to 25% less.

Made from a synthetic material make then easy to maintain and care. No need to be concern with warping, cracking, or splitting where the levels of moisture and/or humidity are high therefore can be install in bathrooms, garages and many more places.

They come in solid vinyl and vinyl/wood.


Metallic Blinds



Our custom-made mini blinds have a distinguish look. We have 1/2″ microblinds, 1″ mini blinds, and 2″ blinds. Made of 6 or 8 gauge aluminum.

The second option one is well designed for children rooms. They have a standard clutch pull cord and upgraded headrail mechanisms.

Cordless lift system excellent for children and pets safety.


Wood Blinds

Because they are made of premium North American hardwood this type of blinds give a warm feeling environment to any room in your home or business because of their natural look.

This is a perfect solution to large windows due to light weight and easy installation. Excellent resource to stop filter the light and you can choose between motorized or manual and select from a diverse line of colors, stains and slats sizes always to enrich your privacy and the elegance to your room with true hardwood.

We recognize the importance of little details when it comes to select the right kind of window cover for your home or business, always having in mind your ideas. This is the reason why we strive to provide as much information for you to choose the perfect type of blind that goes accordingly with your interior or exterior area. We also do special projects.

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