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When you decide to have new blinds it is necessary to take few steps. First of all you need to measure all the windows that you have decided to update with blinds. You can use a tape measure in order to obtain the length of each window that you want to work on. Good place to start in from the top of your window pulling it down to the bottom. Having done this you now can measure the width of that window from left to right.

Still Undecided if you want to have vertical or horizontal blinds? Well, a little hint on that is that vertical blinds will work well covering a long window, a sliding door and also work well in offices.

Horizontal blinds are perfect to have a soft and  modern look and are commonly used in homes. Probably you would like to consider to have larger slats for privacy purposes and to keep the sun out. Smaller slats will give you texture and style.

We know it is not easy and it could be a boring job but you can rest assure that with our help you are going to have the best  Shades in Houston!


Bamboo Roller Shades

bamboo roller blinds

Have young children?

For peace of mind, we recommend bamboo roller blinds or other wireless products instead. Woven wood blinds are perfect for every decor.

Meticulously woven for varying degrees of light filtration, select from a full range of privacy weaves or open weaves. Raise and lower these matchstick shades (also called matches blinds or bamboo shades) in one, easy smooth motion.

Lots of character! Natural woven woods combine clean lines and textural interest in designer finishes. The effect is a warm and welcoming covered window, and natural beauty.



Cellular Honeycomb Shades



Cellular shades are in the list of most known window coverings in the market because they have a particular style and versatility.

The honeycombs can be single, double and triple offering better energy efficiency and durability.

We can offer a wide variety of colors for light filtering or room darkening fabrics. Our inventory has different sizes of folds. Pleats are more efficient energy. The cellular shades are compact when raised offering a clear view. You can find them motorized as well. 


Outdoor Shades



Outdoor Shades are have in mind to reduce the temperature in your home or business. They block up to 90% of UV rays. 

Made of fabric able to decrease the temperature on the other side of the window shade allowing the perfect amount of light allowing you to see what is going on outside.

We can offer you with Porch Shade made with twine weatherproof, mildew resistant colors according to the porch setting that you have in mind. They include wind cords that effectively work in windy conditions, these shades are rolled linden and we can install them at appropriate height specifically for your outdoor are.


Roller and Solar Shades

blindshoustonA roller blind does not have slats it has a single piece of material instead of slats. They have a special mechanism at the top of the device to roll the solid shade up and out of the way when it is not needed. These blinds leave a clear and unobstructed view of the window quiet fast.

They probably are a more elegant option than Horizontal or Vertical blinds. They are made from a single piece of fabric or vinyl material. There are limited in size or they also can be customized to fit the width of your window. Thin vinyl blocks provide good light and at the same time protects from the constant exposure to sunlight. Woven fabrics for blinds do well and are able to have patterns or colors not available in vinyl materials.

The option of having them cordless allows you to use a special rolling tube that has a spring tension system inside. The device is used to roll up the blind when you pull it down slightly locking it in any position as desired. Of course this mechanism eliminates the need of the nylon cord to adjust the blind which can be dangerous for young children. So the cordless roller blind is a great option for nurseries and children’s room. For us it is very important to be able to provide an appropriate window selection treatment for our customers in Houston that want shades.

Looking for protection from the sun? Solar shades offer high level of protection from the sun and you still can enjoy the view. These kind of shades are perfect for media rooms, studies, or any sun-facing room in your place. They can protect your furniture, reduce glare, diffuse light, and help control heat gain.


roman shadesRoman shades give you the look of costly custom curtains and you will be delighted with the price!. These blinds are as stylish and made ​​of the same fine drapery fabrics, but their superior rail system and upper control make it much easier to install and operate.

They are  use to  block out the sun. They stack up evenly when opened and  are visibly smooth. A cord mechanism is used to handle this type of blind allowing to adjust the height of the covered area. When is opened the portion of the blind remains smooth, while the very top will be stacked evenly.

The Roman shades, sometimes called roman blinds are a beautiful mix of popular styles today decor, colors and textures. Shades that complement your lifestyle shades that will have your family and friends … and stop taking a second look. Consider the famous top-down / bottom-up.

We recognize the importance of little details when it comes to select the right kind of window cover for your home or business, always having in mind your ideas. This is the reason why we strive to provide as much information for you to choose the perfect type of blind that goes accordingly with your interior or exterior area. We also do special projects.

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